“B” Stands for Boring Bottoms

“B” Stands for Boring Bottoms

I’m going to catch some heat for writing this blog entry. But hey, I don’t care. I have to get this off my chest.

Gay men divide themselves into myriad categories — tops, bottoms, versatile, versatile tops, versatile bottoms. Often the lines blur — you will find a guy who is mostly a top who will flip and take dick from certain guys. It all depends on the mood, the unexplainable chemistry that occurs between two men when they get down.


In my journey from the straight to gay world I’ve run across all types. And the type that I’m beginning to detest are so called “power bottoms”- or guys who are exclusively into taking dick for as long as they can. To me it seems that bottoms like this believe the world revolves around their puckered assholes.

“I want to sit on that dick,” they would text me when I visited gay hookup Web sites. “I want that big black dick.”

“My azz is tite papi, come loosen it up.”


“Come fuck me. Call 917-555-2989,” another would write.


No flirting. No foreplay. No conversation. It’s all about getting my big dick hard and into their asses at warp speed.

There is a bottom guy I have fucked who is handsome as hell — tall, muscled, and very dark skinned with a shadow beard. “Sebastian” looks like a gay man’s dream. But he is a typical selfish bottom. It’s all about his pleasure, He gives little play or passion. It’s all about getting a dick in his ass so he can experience that fine line of pain and pleasure that is anal sex.


Less than five minutes after  you walk in the door Sebastian will turn his ass up in the air and assume the position. I guess he thinks his big, muscle ass is so appealing it will get any gay dick hard in seconds.The rest of the session is about fucking him. When you get tired of fucking him he will urge you to stick one finger, two finger, and eventually half your hand up his ass.
His ass’ capacity astounds me. Where does it all go? 


“Next time Immanuel bring more of your friends with big dicks so y’all can take turns fucking me,” he said.


Ummm,” I think to myself. “I don’t think so. I don’t want to inflict this boredom on anybody else.”


What a lot of bottoms like Sebastian don’t realize is that good sex is not about just getting a dick hard and fucking it. It’s so much more. It’s flirting, foreplay, caressing, kissing, massage. To me, fucking someone has become optional or the icing on top of the cake of an intense session.


Another problem is population of bottoms is so large they are a cheap commodity. You can get ass just walking down the street. Oh, you didn’t know that? Just read some of my blog entries.So in order to set themselves apart bottoms really have to have some skills. My advice to “power” bottoms:
  • Keep your body in shape. With so many bottoms on the market being fit is an asset. There is nothing sadder than an older, fat bottom with a stretched ass and a size 44 waist.
  •  Get off your back and close your legs for a minute. Learn how to pleasure your man in ways besides straight fucking. Try massage. Nipple play etc. Don’t insist on fucking at the top of a session, let it build up to that.
  • Invest in a good dildo and learn how to use it. Because with the shortage of good tops you are going to need a toy when the real thing is not in reach.


  1. Man i LOVE this blog. This is truly a testament to what happens here in the ATL. NO Passion whatsoever when it comes to sex. NONE!. Just come in, fuck them, most want you to nutt IN them and bounce.

    It's amazing.

    Then in the next breath they come out and say “I can't find anyone to take me serious”. LOL

    “I want to find a man for my own”

    Yeah right. LOL. Not if you're being the next whore out there!

  2. For

    I can understand the sentiment but it seems to me that is all the “tops” are looking for.

    I love romance. I love trying to get to know a guy. I love all the things before penetration but I have yet to find a guy that likes the same thing. Don't even try to get serious with a guy then you won't here from him again.

    Really good post but insert “tops” and its the same sentiment for us “non-power bottoms”

  3. I agree with this post. As a vers myself, I find it important to connect on a sexual level before penetration is ever done. Foreplay is a MUST for me; sensual touches, sexy talk, hell–a freaky text message. Something to make my heat rise, and not just my dick. I mean, I wake up in the morning with a hard on anyway, rite? So I think it's important that the rest of my body is aroused as well as my partners. I can be “there” and ready for the nitty-gritty, but if my partner isn't there yet, I'll help him get there. Sex should be a mutually beneficial arrangement, not just about an orgasm.

    Where this “Power Bottom” thing came from is beyond me. I can't imagine just cold hard fucking. I don't even like porn with just straight up fucking, get me there first, you know? If I just wanted a wet hole, I have a right hand and a flashlight for that. You have sex to communicate with one another, so SAY something. Don't just lay there.

    (well, enough of my soap box…)

  4. Anonymous

    I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but you can find “Pump and Dump” tops too. It's not strictly a bottom thing.

    I orally worship a top. I lick all of his cracks and crevices with my tongue. I kiss him and I grope and rub and nibble and suck all over the damn place. I get my man good and hard – THEN we fuck.

    Maybe that's why I'm now married and off the market. I found a man who knows how to fuck me and he found a man who knows how to “prime his pump”.

    I have a question for you Immanuel: What do you do for the bottom besides fuck him? Are you really all that or are you one of those who expects to be serviced – and your sole contribution to the festivities is sticking your dick in the bottom? 'Cuz if your “kickstand” is all you bring to the party my friend, you're gonna be single for a good, long while.


  6. Mike

    Lol that last comment. Invest in a dildo. Though its so true, bottoms are a dime a dozen. In fact I did escorting and the escort code explicibly said bottoms are not a very desirable trait demanded by clients & top men or dominant men are highly saught after. We all want the dominant man. Although i enjoy bottoming, as an escort I put that I am 100% dom. Thats where all the money is at. Also in the gay world everyones a bottom. If i ever connect to these gay apps i am filled with ” please fuck me) messages. To the point I dont respect these self proclaimed bottoms, they have erectile dysfunction and are less sexually aggressive. Id only ever date a vers man who knows the deal.

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