An Officer and a Gentleman

An Officer and a Gentleman

What’s this thing with military dudes? I met another online today who is relocating to our metropolitan area from the West Coast.
He is staying 35 miles from me and I really didn’t want to make that drive. But we talk on the phone and he has a sincere, engaging manner. I’m a freak but really sex is 10 times better if you can mentally engage with the person you are with.

We talk about working abroad — both of us have dealt with Asians and Europeans — our families, our kids.
“Hey why don’t I just come over — I have some time,” I finally say to “Bradley.”

Bradley is staying with a relative while his house gets ready. He is a penultimate down-low brother. Tall, dark skinned, toned body. Being in the military practically oozes from his pores — you can see it in the way he walks. His hair is even cut high and tight.

He claims he is 33 but I see the gray in in the razor stubble on his face. Plus the numbers don’t add up. If you have a teenage son and were married a few years before you had the kid there is no way you are still 33. But he looks good so what the fuck? Who cares about age.

When I get there he still hasn’t taken a shower so I read a book while I wait. Yep. You guessed it. It’s Michael Warren’s new book “Sweet Swagger” (

Bradley and I get down to business in his relative’s primly decorated guest bedroom. There are mirrors on two walls that give panoramic views of the bed so the relative must not be too prim, I think. Bradley assesses my dick size and says, “I’m going to need some rush (an inhalant used to relax the ass muscles) to take that. Do you mind?”

“No problem,” I said.

Bradley runs to his car to get the rush. Then he we get started again and he has to run back to get the condoms. I’m beginning to think: Is this ever going to get started?

But the sex is on point First I lay on my back and he straddled me and eased his tight ass down on my dick. Very slowly so he could get used to the size.

“That’s some good dick,” he said at one point.

Then I fucked him spoon-style on the bed, pumping into him like a piston, and blew a good nutt.

“That’s unusual,” I said. “I rarely cum by fucking a dude. I usually have to pull out and jerk off to nutt. This has only happened about three times.”

Bradley smiles. We lay down and talk and I ask why he didn’t cum.

“I really like pleasing the man I’m with,” he said. I’ve heard that before from other bottoms and guys who love giving oral. They seem to get pleasure from giving others pleasure. But I’m sorry. I got to get a nutt too!

We keep talking and soon I’m licking on his nipples and running my tongue down his body, from his neck down to his toes. My dick gets hard. I start jerking it.

“Do you want to see me cum again?” I ask Bradley.

“Sure,” he answers.

But my dick is itching to get back in that tight, muscled ass again. So I ask to fuck him and he agrees, although he says he is sore so please take it easy. This time he lets me do it doggy style. I enjoy the view of my long dark dick sliding into his tight ass like a warm knife through butter. Then I turn Bradley over on in his back while I’m laying at a 90-degree angle to his body. My dick goes into his ass sideways, I guess hitting spots I had not hit before.

“I’m going to cum,” he moans. And he does…all in his pubic hair.

I pull off the condom, lean back and jerk off some more. I bust another, good thick creamy nutt. Two in one session. That’s pretty good.

Before I leave I notice his combat boots on the living room floor.

“Have you ever fucked in those?,” I ask.

Bradley gives me a look of mild surprise. “Well, no,” he answers.

“That would be hot,” I say.

Maybe next time if we meet again I can fuck him with him wearing nothing but those boots.


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