Still Waters run Deep

Still Waters run Deep

I first hooked up with “Edmond” more than a year ago and I always wanted to go back because the sex was good. Edmond is a muscular, brown-skinned dude with a broad chest, high bubble ass and a long thick dick.

He is the epitome of down-low. Masculine. Blue collar. He drives a truck at night and sleeps during the day. You would never know he likes dudes — never.

We enjoyed each other the first time and now that I am free I had the chance to hit him up this morning.

Edmond never has much to say. When he texts you the answers are short and to the point.

“How much time do you have before you got to get to work,” he asks me on an online gay hookup Web site.

“About an hour and a half –send me your address.”

“Cool, come on over.”

He sends the address and I’m off.I get to his place in 40 minutes, arriving about 6:45 in the morning.

We go back to the bedroom and he lays a blanket over his bedspread for us to play on. A porno movie plays on a flat screen at the foot of the bed. A straight film. Black guys with big dicks fucking ghetto girls with plump asses and juicy, gaping pussies. The sight of that makes me miss rolling with a woman for a minute but then Edmond is on me and I get into him.

We lick each others nipples. Suck each others dicks. I eat his ass, lapping and spitting in the crack. Then I massage him and kiss and nibble on him from the top of his close-shaved head to his toes.

You know that old song that goes something like “Anything you can do I can do better”? Well, that was how we were …everything I do to Edmond he does back to me.

Edmond was quiet the first time we net a year ago. But this time he moans. And he takes things up a notch.

“I want you to fuck me with that dick,” he says.

“We didn’t fuck the first time,” I answer. “I didn’t think you were into that.”

“Nah, I want it this time,” he said.

But he doesn’t have condoms. He gets up and rummages through the top dresser drawer and there are none there. But that doesn’t mean the action didn’t get better. He took things up another notch.

“I like it nasty,” he says. “Spit on me.”

So when I suck his dick and eat his ass I spit, making them slicker.

“Spit in my face nigga,” he says. And I do. He moans and jerks his dick faster, stopping sometimes to lather on more lube.

“I like it rough Immanuel,” he says. He sounds like he really means it.

SoI slap him around a little. And start ordering him around. “Eat my ass out nigga! Suck this long black dick.”

I stand over him and fuck his mouth…harder and harder.

“I better not feel no teeth,” I say. “Just your mouth.”

The shit clearly turned him on. He moaned and called my name when I lay on him and rubbed my erect dick between his legs. He was always so quiet before.

Now I see that old saying that still waters run deep is true.Edmond was a deep freak. Now it was time to for me to take it up a notch.

Edmond’s ass was tight but he inhaled from a bottle of poppers, making his ass loosen. So I inserted one finger and then two into his lubed ass. And started fucking him with my fingers as if my dick was in there. Hard.

I even lifted his legs up and spread them to get my hand in deeper. My fingers were in him up to the third knuckles. He kept moaning, trying to take it like a champ.

“That’s enough, stop,” he said. Shit, I won.

I finished up jacking off standing up by the bed. Edmond lay on his back in the bed with his head hanging over the mattress and his face buried up my ass, licking my nutts. I came all over his chest. He finished a few minutes later, asking me to play with his balls because that made him cum harder.

He busted his nutt and fell asleep a moment, snoring softly. I had forgotten that my day was just beginning but since he worked nights it was time for him to go to sleep.


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