If You Don’t Read Anything Else…Read Jamari Fox’s Blog

If You Don’t Read Anything Else…Read Jamari Fox’s Blog

I am a top, so my perspective on the down-low and gay culture comes from a decidedly top perspective (for those who don’t know, a top is usually the one who does the fucking.)

But I never understood some of the bullshit bottoms go through until I started reading Jamari Fox’s blog ( Jamari is a masculine bottom who lives in a large metropolitan city.

His writing is skillful, ironic, amusing, sad, bitter, poetic…all that shit. He talks about all the bullshit bottoms face. Guys who come by and fuck once and don’t call back. Dudes who claim they are masculine and show up at you door acting sweeter than a licorice stick. And the pitfalls of online hookup sites — he beat me to the punch on that by two weeks!

Jamai said he follows me and asked me for advice. Jamari just keep doing what you are doing! Your blog is deep and it comes straight from the heart! Long as you do that you’ll be fine.


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