The Work Out

The Work Out

Its funny. When you become a down-low brother the world gets cast in a different light. You see shit you never noticed before.

It’s kind of like the first movie in the “Blade” vampire trilogy. Remember when the doctor played by N’Bushe Wright finds out vampires were real and learned all the tell-tale signals, like the tattoos on the vampire helpers. Well, being on the down-low is like that. You learn the tell-tale signals.

Today I worked out at the gym with “Carl,” a military contractor who is also a down-low gay man. He is masculine, works in a highly machismo field, and has women hit on him all the time. We really don’t kick it with each other — we are both “tops” and play the more masculine role in sexual encounters. But we work out sometimes and sit in the car chatting afterward, talking about our conquests and laughing about all the down-low shit that goes on in many gyms in our East Coast metropolitan area.

About the dudes in the shower room who stare at your crotch and eye you a bit too long. About those men who seem to hang around all the time in sauna and steamrooms trolling for anonymous sex but never really exercise. About brothers you notice staring each other down in the gym and then leaving with each other. Instant sex hook-up!

I was helping Carl do abdominal exercises — he is in great shape for a middle-age guy but wants to work on his belly. While dressing to work out we were alone in the locker room and were free to speak.

“Man, do u know this white boy sucked my dick last week when I was here last week,” I said, speaking low so only Carl could hear me. “I was taking a shower and he was looking at my dick. Then when I went into the sauna he came in and said, ‘I’ve got to suck that big black thing.’ I only let him do it a second and walked away.”

Carl looked at me and laughed. “Hey, if he is here today point him out,” he said.

The white guy wasn’t there today. I was glad. I really needed a good workout with distractions.

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