Things That Black Gay Men Say

Things That Black Gay Men Say

I‘m getting more immersed in gay culture. It’s even beginning to alter my language patterns.

When I’m work I speak proper American English. When I’m hanging with my boys from high school I slip into popular black, male street vernacular. But now there is a third idiom I’m slipping into when I’m hanging with other gay and bisexual guys — the language of the Black gay and down-low world of the East Coast.

Here are some things that routinely slip out of the mouths of Black men in the life. If you know more, let me know. And special thanks to friends Rex, Raw Daddy and Cold Phoenix for helping me compile the list!

The list!

Yes sir!
Definition: Just another way to say okay.
Used in a sentence: You want some of this good, black dick baby? Answer: Yes sir!

 Definition: Something new, trendy and interesting.
 Used in a sentence:  You need to come check out this new designer’s show on Sunday night. It will be cute.

Definition: A term of endearment often reserved for closest friends.
Used in a sentence: Wassup bitch? Where we going to hang tonight?

Don’t Get It Twisted*
Definition:  Don’t get confused or mistake my intentions.
Used in a sentence: Look we can be friends but I’m really not feeling you as a boyfriend. Don’t get it twisted!

In the Family
Definition: A person who is gay or bisexual.
Used in a sentence: See that guy over there on the bar? He looks straight but he’s in the family.

Hey Gurl!
Definition: A greeting used even if both parties are men and not women.
Used in a sentence: Hey Gurl! How You? I haven’t seen you since Miami Sizzle. Where you been?

Definition: A male asshole — a play on the words “boy” and “pussy.” Term sometimes used by bottoms.
Used in a sentence: I got some snap, crackle, pop bussy! It’s better than that dried up shit your wife got at home!

My Good Judy
Definition: A dude so close he is like your sister.
Used in a sentence: That’s Dennis, my Good Judy. We’ve been knowing each other for years.

KiKi, or KeKe.
Definition: A fun person to hang around and joke with.
Used in a sentence: That’s my KiKi Simon over there! He is a funny ass dude! Always got jokes.

Defnition: A one-night stand or brief hookup
Used in a sentence: Man, I just fucked Maurice one time and bounced. He was just a trick. 

Definition: A casual sexual partner. Similar to a fuck buddy
Used in a sentence: It’s not that serious between Demetrius and me. He’s just trade.

Definition: A handsome man or something stylish.
Used in a sentence: That’s a hot dude over there. Those jeans you are wearing are hot!

*This term has crossed over and is being used more by straight folks


  1. Anonymous

    That's funny. You really are opening up and exploring this lgbt world around you. That's great. You will be able to say you are fluent in three languages Str8t white business world, black str8t world, & black gay world:-) Keep moving forward.


  2. Thats the old definition of “trade”…now we've flipped it into a word that means more of a insult or a joke (atleast for us younger generations) because we understand now that anybody can be “had” and there should't be been any reason (in the first place)to look gay, homo is a sexuality, not something that commands wearing on your sleeve.

    My new word that i use quite often with my friends is “Piece”. I say “Piece, are you coming today?? You better make it here, Piece! LOL”

    “Piece” originated from “piece of ass or dick that you picked up only for that reason..Now we call each other it just as a connection. But When I say, “Thats my piece”, Im talking about someone I actually like thats “mine”. If i use it in a command as I have with my friends, its used more as a joke that u are a random “Piece of ass or dick”….Linguistics is hilarious

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