Guest Blogger: Leo’s Take on Immanuel

Guest Blogger: Leo’s Take on Immanuel

My buddy “Leo” wanted to be a guest writer on my blog and I gladly accepted. He decided to write about me from an outsider point of view. Here it is:

I don’t usually subscribe to labels, however most would say I am an aggressive top.  It is what I prefer.  Even with women, I would struggle with them riding on top, as I prefer missionary or doggie style. I like to control the thrust.

The thought of receiving penetration used to be far removed from my mind, but I have explored it and frankly like it from time to time. I do have a tight entrance criteria , please excuse the double entendre. I lean towards the standard stereotype of that he must be taller than me, bigger than me (in stature and with his manhood), and more masculine than me.   He should be aggressive, but the alpha dog in me normally doesn’t tolerate much aggression.

It is the thought of this dark, tall, mysterious black man with a python dick, that must seduce me.  That is how I came across “Immanuel.”

There was instant attraction. I was pleasantly surprised to see that he was quite the intellectual.  A chatter box, something not so masculine, but nonetheless his voice, his stance, his smell well overpowered the notion that he was nothing but all man.

Oh,the masculine musk between his legs would mark territory like a dog in heat attracts all of the neighborhood canines. It was sexy. His dick, something that I call his best friend, is long — very long and black. The darkest part of his lean, gym sculpted body something that I must admit I like having next to me.

I dare say like steel, but hard like when you want dick, you know it will deliver.  It helps that he has been with women. Most men with big dicks don’t master strokes, rhythm and technique. They don’t have to, since they often spend more time, trying to get them in tight holes. He was the exception.

 The more masculine the man, the more I desire to be inside of a “real man.” Now don’t get me wrong, being a real man is clearly not defined by masculinity or sexual prowess.  The definition comes with responsibility, respect for others and self and possessing qualities that others come to expect in a true man.

But in gay man terms, he is somebody that I would let fuck my brains out and would not be embarrassed to reveal that fact to someone else.  I have come across a lot of DL tops, those not strong enough to admit to themselves or others that they can go there. I know this personally since my online presence attracts mostly “tops.”

Now the dilemma. I like Immanuel however he doesn’t want to be fucked. So in spite of his charm, his wit, his intelligence, his country swagger,  not quite enough to persuade me to his bottom, but occasionally it is worth the effort.  He is not rich,  but moderately successful. I require rich for long term relationships. He know this, but we are still friends.

He spent the night Friday, with me in my bed and in my arms.  Why?  Perhaps because he considers me an equal. Perhaps because he wishes he could be my bottom, perhaps because he is lonely, perhaps because he actually does love me, whatever the reason I am glad he did.

We kissed, we touched, I sucked and we caress4 each other’s manhood. I gently sucked his dark nipples, which he likes. I kissed his flat stomach, I engulfed his manhood in my mouth, licking, kissing and loving the fullness of it in my mouth. I like the musk of his body.

He sends off a bad boy image in bed. Each time I would reach over between his legs, I would touch his dick and no matter how many times I grab it, I would still sigh  and think this damn, big ass, hard ass dick and I want it in.

I reflect how deep it would go inside as I watch his body swing powerful strokes in me. I would resist bitching out and saying how good the damn dick is, but its what I felt. It’s good dick, plain and simple.

But on Friday I resisted the temptation, as he equally fends me off from attacking his black small booty.  Tonight, we will just hold each other, look out at the stars, listen to the new Sade in the background and just talk about our dreams, our friends, our worries and our relationship.  I am glad to have him as a friend. 


  1. Anonymous

    Wow…This read like ice-cold silky chocolate milk pouring into a huge strong bottom glass. I wanted to drink it straight from the mouth as a straw would not serve me adequately.

    I wish I had a friend like Emmanuel. However, I'm a chica.


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