Fantasy Fulfillment?

Fantasy Fulfillment?

Okay, blog readers are telling me they want me to write more about sex. Okay, I will give you what you want.

I have always had a fantasy about getting down with a Middle Eastern dude. For some reason I find their swarthy looks and exoticism attractive. So a few weeks ago I had an opportunity to do so when I answered a Craigslist ad.

Want to read about it? Well, here we go.

A photo Joseph (left) and Nicholas texted me on March 31, 2010

“Nicholas” is an Egyptian who has a black lover named “Joseph.” They love to be watched while having sex as long as the third has a banana dick and is fit and trim. My description and photos fit the bill so a few hours later I was pulling up in front of their house.

Nicholas was a little older than I imagined but still handsome in that Mediterranean sort of way. Joseph was was a dark-skinned, very professional and polished black man and a bit cool. Were they feeling me or would this be a bust?

They offered me a drink and asked me to sit on a divan while they sat across from me on the sofa, with Nicholas leaning back in Joseph’s arms. The Winter Olympics were playing on the flat screen in front of us, and we talked about the luger who was killed a day before and how they kept playing the clip on television.

We were just having a normal conversation. I started to wonder, “Are they not feeling me? Maybe I will just have this vodka and tonic and head out.”

But then I happened to glance over at the sofa and noticed Joseph had his dick out. It was big and fat and very dark. He was stroking it and looking right at me. Nicholas turned around toward him and got to work stroking it and sucking it.

So what was I to do? I pulled out my dick and started jerking off watching them. After a few minutes I walked over.

“Can I join,” I asked.

From there things got a little freaky. Clothes came off, dropped on the living room floor in piles. And Nicholas was soon sucking both of our dicks at the same time, taking two long black schlongs into his mouth as he kneeled in front of us, playing the submissive white boy to his black masters.

“Suck that big dick, you know you like it,” Joseph said, egging him on. Nicholas sucked on our dicks like a starving man who hadn’t had a decent meal in days.

“Let me get the camera,” Joseph said as he pulled his dick out of Nicholas’ mouth. He disappeared and came back in a few with a small silver digital camera.

“Is this charged up,” he asked Nicholas.”I can’t tell by this light.”

“Yeah, man it’s charged up,” Nicholas answered. They sounded so much like an old married couple I had to smile. Still, I had to jump into the conversation.

“Hey, y’all can take as many pictures as you want but don’t take my face,” I said. “I don’t know where they will end up.”

“Sure,” Joseph answered. “We’ll even send you some copies.”

Then he turned to Nicholas and ordered him to take both dicks in his mouth while he took the pictures. Nicholas happily complied.

The action moved up to the bedroom and kept going. Joseph started fucking Nicholas on the bed doggy style. He didn’t wear a condom (I guess since they were a couple they barebacked) and his dick was lubed up an slick as it piled into Nicholas’ asshole, which was stretched wide by Joseph’s thick dick.

Nicholas ass got so wet I could hear the “squish, squish” as Joseph’s dick pounded him.Nicholas moaned with pleasure.

I was just an observer. Nicholas said my dick was too big for me to screw him and besides, they wanted me to take pictures of them fucking. I was beginning to feel like a cameraman on the set of porno film. But it was pleasurable to watch them.

Before long Joseph pulled out his dick, slid across the bed toward me, and busted his nutt on the shaft of my penis. I didn’t appreciate him putting his cum on me without asking — I’m squeamish about HIV. So I wiped it off with a wash cloth, careful not to let his semen get near the urethra, the opening at the tip of my penis.

“Don’t you want to blow a nutt for me too,” Nicholas asked.

I lied. “Oh, I’m going to hook up with my lover later. I want to save that nutt for him.”

We dressed and I got ready to leave.

“You know, if your dick wasn’t big we would have asked you to leave,” Nicholas said. “We have had guys over for threesomes before who lied about their dick size and we tell them get out.”

What he said caused mixed emotions. I was proud I was desirable physically but in just one sentence he had reduced me to an object, a walking phallus.

 A few weeks later I was working my part-time job and who should walk in but Joseph and Nicholas. I gave them some VIP treatment and they were very appreciative. In fact, during the past few weeks they have sent text messages thanking me for the sex hookup as well as the hookup on the part-time job. They invited me to come again whenever I have time.

 Funny, most of the text messages now come from the top guy in the relationship — Joseph. Go figure.

But I don’t know. It was hot but I’m tired of being the third wheel, the man that comes in to fulfill a bored couple’s fantasy. Because you see we had used each other — I wanted to have sex with an Arab and they had wanted a big black dick.

P.S. While I wrote this I was on Yahoo instant messenger chatting with a blog fan from the Midwest. I dedicate the last two entries to you “Boris.” Thanks for being a faithful reader and I look forward to meeting you when you get in town!


  1. Anonymous

    This comment is not really towards this post, but your blog and my overall experience. My best friend, an avid blog reader, discovered your blog and brought it to my attention. It has been both sexually and mentally stimulating. Having tried being a blogger before, I admire anyone who dedicates their time to sharing their experiences and letting us in. I have learned a great deal that I had no idea about before. Since I began reading about a month ago, I have found the time to read from the beginning. I would love to talk more and ask you some questions about the down-low/married brother, since I've recently had an experience and can't quite read the situation. I look forward to your further postings and hope we can chat more. Thanks again for letting us in.

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