Bad Sex. Good Sex

Bad Sex. Good Sex

Okay, in the down-low world all that glitters is not gold. Something that looks good may not be all that.

Yesterday I hooked up with “Bernard.” We last hooked up two years ago. Just a little bumping and grinding. Bernard was married then but he left his wife and child a year ago, partly because he really likes the dick and wants to be his true self.

So I was really interested in quizzing him about his new life. How he was maneuvering on the other side of the fence. Plus Bernard is an amateur body-building, ex-military dude with a tight body, six-pack abs and a high bubble-butt. Yeah, I could fuck that.

But the sex was just so-so. You see, I realized Bernard is all about himself.

“Eat my ass,” he said. So I got to work. He squatted over my face so I could look up at his tight ass while I licked. The he lay on his back with his legs splayed so I could push my tongue in so more. I massaged him. Caressed him. Then I got back to eating that ass again. It went on for more than an hour.

“Damn, I needed a break like this,” said Bernard, who was off from work.

But what did I get? Negro didn’t suck dick. I had to ask him to lick my nipples, which he did not do for very long. And when it came time to fuck?

“Oh, I don’t have condoms.”
“I’ll go get some,” I said.
“No, don’t stop. It’s okay.”

Selfish fuck. LOL. Bernard is one of those brothers with a banging body who believes the spotlight is on him, I guess. He wouldn’t even kiss, saying that was an intimidate act he saves for “his boy.”

I’m sure we will continue to be friends but I don’t think I will hook up with him again. Shit, my tongue is still sore from eating his ass for an hour. To his credit, it was delicious and I blew a thick nutt fingering his ass while he stood over me.

Flash forward to today. I hooked up again with “Darren,” the married guy with shoulder length dreads who lives the next town over. We fucked like rabbits.

I played a magic trick with him. Make the wand disappear. And my long, thick black wand did — right up his ass. Doggy style. Missionary style. I finally fucked him on the floor sideways with his legs scissored. I tried my best to pound the shit out of him.

“Cum on me,” he said.

So, I pulled my dick out of his wet ass and pulled the condom off and we jerked. He was wearing a sexy, thick silver cock ring and his dick was rock hard and slicky-shiny with lube. We came together. All in his pubes and all over his abdomen. I got up, wet half of a towel with warm soapy water, and walked back and tenderly washed him off with one half of the towel and dried him with the other half. Just like a baby.

It was my pleasure. That’s because Darren showed me the difference between good and bad sex. He sucked my dick, and did everything he could to get me hot including talking nasty. After I fucked him for awhile, he even ate MY ass then got down and sucked my toes. Now that’s some good sex.

Darren has a nice body but is not all chiseled like Bernard. But what difference does that make? When it comes to sex Bernard is good but Darren would win the Olympic Gold.

I know you read this Darren. Thanks brother.


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