A Marathon Fuck

A Marathon Fuck

This morning I had some time and hooked up with “Benny,” an IT professional in his 30s who lives just 20 minutes from me. Having sex with Benny is like running a marathon — just more pleasurable. You had better be ready to go long distance.

But I think the thing that attracts me most about Benny and makes me come back for more is his sexually free attitude. He is the father of two kids so you know he likes pussy. Since college he has swung with men and women and sometimes men and woman at the same time. He likes what he likes and feels no guilt about it.

“I just like sex,” he says.

He is masculine and straightforward, almost thuggish. Our sex follows a routine. I will arrive at his apartment, and he will bound down to unlock the front door so I can follow him back up to the top floor. Benny has dark skin the color of a Hershey’s Bar. His hair is shaved close. He works out and has strong, toned arms and back but a little stomach. Tattoos cover his chest and upper arms.

When I walk in I see a motorcycle helmet sitting by the front door and I remember Benny likes to ride crotch rockets down the highway, probably at breakneck speeds.

Sometimes he likes to fuck but with me he always gets fucked. We trade foreplay for awhile and then get at it. He bends over on the side of his bed, his plump ass staring up at me invitingly. He has already smoked a blunt before I come and has snorted some rush to relax his ass muscles to take my long, dark dick. I lube up and push my dick in Benny from behind.

We thump, thump, thump…my thighs smacking into his thighs. We fuck so long we push the mattress off the box spring and have to slide it back in space. When the mattress slides off again I just kneel on the boxspring and keep fucking him.

It seems he can never get enough. We take a break and he asks, “Where else do you want to fuck me?”

“Wherever you want, I’m following you,” I answer.

But I know what Benny likes and he ends up following me to the living room. I know he gets off getting fucked on his exercise equipment or on the floor of his living room, right in front of the sliding glass door. So that’s where we go.

We fuck doggy style and missionary style. His ass gets wet like a woman’s pussy, squishing and squishing and dripping.

“I forgot how good that dick feels,” he moans. By now cum is leaking out of his dick, dribbling on his stomach and crotch and onto my stomach when I fuck him face to face. Finally we just stop.

“You win,” I say, laughing. We have been fucking for almost an hour.

Benny hits the shower. I know not to try to shower with him or get too affectionate. He is a type of bisexual man who is very macho. Our sex is intense and passionate but there is a barrier between us. Sometimes cracks will be show in the wall though. One time I fucked a dude in front of him while he masturbated and later Benny said it made him jealous watching me with someone else. Another time I felt a little left out when we threesomed with a guy who used to date him. I wanted him all by myself, and the other guy was in the way. Plus he wasn’t nearly as sexy as Benny.

While Benny is showering I sit on the toilet. “Can I ask you a question”

“Sure,” Benny answers from behind the blue-and-white striped shower curtain.

“What kind of a gay man are you?” I ask.
Benny says he doesn’t like doing gay clubs — he prefers to stay home. Then he tells me to go get his cellphone and he will show me exactly what kind of gay man he is.
I go get his cellphone and hand it to him as he leans out of the shower. He deftly slides his fingers across the face of the I-phone, pulling up his photo collection. He shows me a series of pictures of him playing with a plump dark skinned-girl’s pussy. A shot shows him sticking his fingers and hand almost totally inside her. Then other pictures show him fuckin her. Benny’s dick is not large but it has a delicious curve that must hit a woman’s G-spot just right.

“That’s the kind of gay man I am,” he says proudly, water from the shower still streaming down his face. “The kind that likes pussy and dick.”


  1. Hi Immanuel, new reader here. 🙂 I'm digging into your archives a bit. I found this entry and loved it… really amazing writing in this one with a perfect ending. You tell the story of you very well and I really like what I've read so far.

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