Sex at the Beach

Sex at the Beach

I’m taking a mini-vacation a few hours away from home on the Atlantic Shore. The breezes are cool and it is relaxing watching the seagulls skip in the surf. I was expecting to just relax and not have down-low sex here, but I did. In fact, I think it was probably the best male-on-male sex I’ve ever had.
I went online last night to go trolling. There are far fewer guys online here, and many are fat and out of shape. One white man even offered to pay me $75 to let him suck my long black dick, with an extra $25 thrown in to eat my ass.
No, I don’t think so.
Then I hit up on a young black guy, just 23 years old. He grew up near the beach and is in college studying engineering. We banter back and forth for awhile, and agree to meet at his place. It’s a 25-mile drive and he is young so I don’t expect much. But on the phone he sounds intelligent and engaging.
He reminds me of when I was his age, sometimes working two jobs to make it through school.
“Alex” met me at the front door and invited me to his bedroom. It looks like a teenager’s room — a twin bed with a dark blue comforter with a cheery stars-and-moons pattern I think. The TV set, laptop computer and stereo all on at the same time.
But sex with Alex is all adult…he had skills men twice his age don’t have.
Alex used to run track and his ass is still high and tight, perched on long, toned legs. His waist is narrow and his shoulders broad. His skin was almost as dark as mine — the rich color of a chocolate bar.
He pulled down his shorts and his dick was already hard. I am 10 inches fully erect and his penis was almost as long.
I tell him with a hard dick like that he must have guys all over him. Alex smiles and agrees. “I really prefer fucking guys but I can take dick too,” he said.
I pushed him back on the bed and starting licking his squeaky clean ass, lapping my tongue from his asshole to his scrotum. I know what I am doing is good because he pulled his legs up to his chest, allowing my face to push deeper into his tight ass.
I looked up at his face and he was in ectasy. That made my dick even harder. I love to please as much as be pleased.
But I soon discovered Alex gave better than he got. He sucked my dick, moving his mouth and tongue up and down my shaft in deep, long strokes. I was surprised a guy so young gave such good head.
We traded foreplay for awhile. The sex got hotter and hotter but the air conditioner in his window blew cool air over our bodies. We never broke a sweat.
“I’m ready to fuck that ass,” I finally said.
Without a word Alex reached for a plastic box on his computer shelf by his bed and pulled out a Magnum plus-size condom and a small, black bottle of lube. I love Magnums…they fit my dick well
“My favorite brand…how did you know,” I joked.
“I only use the best,” Alex answered.
We fuck for 45 minutes in every position we can think of. Missionary, doggy-style, spooning, Alex on top, Alex bent over the bed. Believe it or not, while fucking Alex doggy style I twist my body around so my hands are on the floor by his feet and my feet are up on the bed near his head.
I drove my dick sideways into the walls of his ass, pumping and pumping. His ass gets so wet it squishes.
“You ready to cum?” I said, thrusting as hard as I could in his ass.
“No, I’m long winded,” he answered.
Damn, I think. I’ve met my match. A dude that can go as long as me.
We end up cumming by jerking off side by side, our tongues intertwined.
Alex came so hard he squirted cum from his stomach up to his shoulder. I busted my nutt all over one of his lean, dark thighs.
He is literally covered in white, sticky nutt.
“It’s been a long time since I got fucked like that,” he said with a contented smile on his face.
This morning I went online and sent him this message:
“that was the best sex i’ve ever had with a dude..thanks for letting me visit..i’ll never forget u man.”
Soon he answers: i’m glad u enjoyed yourself….you’re very welcome. I enjoyed your company. and the sex was definitely excellent


  1. Anonymous

    Nice story, although sex seems to be a lot of what you amount to…well that you show. I hope things turn. After all, you dont want to end up a 60 year old sugar daddy just to get a piece of young ass. Those days may never even come.



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