Immanuel the Escort?

Immanuel the Escort?

Look dammit. Times are hard. Bush retired to the ranch and left us fucked economically with no lube.

So I was talking to a buddy of mine today, “Baron.” We have never sexed but Baron is the total package. Dark, smooth skin and tight body. Handsome boy-next-door face. Sharp as a ginzo knife and freaky as shit.

“Hey Immanuel, I used to escort to earn extra money when times are tight,” he said. “We should talk about launching an escort business on the side.”

I’m sitting in a coffee shop working on my laptop when Baron calls to tell me this. I go outside to take the call. If the other patrons overhear me talking about dicking some ass for pay they might choke on their cafe lattes.

“Umm, that sounds interesting,” I say. “But where would i get the time? Plus I’m middle aged…who would want me?”

Baron, who claims he is in his mid 30s, runs it down to me. I look almost a decade younger than I am, keep my body tight, and have a nice, hard dick that can hit it, he explains.

No joking, I fucked five guys in the past 24 hours at two freak parties. “Imagine if you charged each of those guys $50,” Baron says.

Fifty dollars, I think. I wouldn’t be that cheap.

Baron wants to do lunch to talk about the logistics and legality of escorting in our area. He wants to recruit some attractive guys to put in our stable.

Look, I’m sexually adventurous but this may be going too far. But come on. I hve peed on dudes, slapped them around during sex, and tickled their armpits because they asked me. For free. So why not charge for it?

So I plan to have more conversations with Baron because I like talking.

Hey, and if any my blog readers are escorts hit me up. I want to hear your story.


  1. i was an escort for about 3 years. I had a fucking blast, not to mention i was never strapped for cash.
    That was how i was introduced to the downlow lifestyle. I had a regular request that i pegged him. I swear i didnt know what i was doing the first time but there is something empowering about fucking a guy anally (as a female). That became my premier service.

    i think you should try it. If you dont like it , quit.

  2. Thanks Hazysin! Great comments. And that comment about the DL lifestyle are on point…there are guys who really loved being pegged and when a beautiful woman like you does it it's even hotter.

    I”m conflicted about doing it. I don't need to add any more craziness to my life. I really need to get my family situation figured out.

    Keep in touch and thanks for reading.

  3. Yeah, I used to hook up with this professional brother who wanted me to dominate him and pee on him…the ironic thing was he lived in this huge home with art hanging on the wall, drove a top of the line BMW…and was in a very high-profile job…Guys who are dominant in real life often like to be dominated in private…for them it is like relaxing and letting someone else take control…that is why you see a lot of married guys who like to bottom…they want to lay back and have somebody do them…same philosophy

  4. in my 24 years, my funnest times were when i was escorting. I've gotten to travel places, meet interesting people as well as have some of the best sex ever!!!

    There was a nervousness in the beginning but in hindsight i dont know why. I was young and promiscuous as hell anyway. Somehow the exchange of money validate the act. Not to mention, it maintained the lifestyle i wanted to lead. The biggest issue for me was te image i was presenting. i was as discreet as you have to be and to put it frankly, i didnt give a fuck.
    Everybody who knew me knew what it was. My mamma was cool with it, given the income that it garnered. By the time i “retired”, i only provided fetish sevices–pegging, pissing, domination–those types of things.

    i say take it for what its worth and have a blast!

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