The Dick Bulge Bandit

The Dick Bulge Bandit

Some days when I got off the commuter train I would see him, lounging in the hallway of the train station leaning against a wall. Looking like he was expecting a friend to arrive on the train. He would stare at me and I would stare back.

I knew what the stare meant. It is the look of recognition down-low brothers give each other.

On Friday I bought a banana muffin for breakfast at the train station and was turning around to go to work when I ran into him again. This time he stared directly at my crotch. “Okay, it is time to end this staring shit,” I thought.

I walked up to him. “Look man, if you want to speak to me just say something. I’m tired of this staring shit we do all week.”

So I started talking to “Tayshon” and soon got his story. He had moved to our area from Jersey City and worked a block away from me. He would cruise the cavernous train station early in the morning before work, staring down guys who had good sized dick bulges in their pants.

Tayshon is a slender, masculine acting brother.He looks like a black man with some Latino ancestry. Brown-skinned with a slightly hooked nose and thin lips.  Tayshon looks like one of those black guys who usually works in the office mail room or copy center. A 30-something thug who must wear a tie and khaki pants but still tries to look street by letting his dress pants hang off his ass.

“I once met this black dude here and he took me back to the office and fucked me on his office couch,” he said, an almost dreamy look coming on his fox-shaped face as he remembered. “He had a 10.5-inch dick and condoms and lube. He fucked the shit out of me.”

“I know he is married because we work in the same building for different companies. I see his wife dropping him off in her car sometimes and kissing him.”

We exchanged phone numbers and the seduction by texting began. He bragged that he sucked a mean dick and has tight bubble ass that can take a sizable dick. He wanted me to swing by his place that night. However, I was organizing a benefit function that evening and told him even if I could come it would be late.

So he asked to see my dick so I went in a stall in the men’s room and sent him a shot of myself semi hard.

 “Can your dick get hard?,” he texted back. “Because I need a hard dick to open this ass.”

So I ran back to the bathroom, stroked my dick until it was fully hard, hurriedly took a cellphone pic and sent him this shot:

In the end, I called Tayshon but we did not hook up. To be honest he weirded me out a bit, his obsession with businessmen with big dick bulges in their pants. Because if he cruised me how many others was he hitting up every day?

So if I see him again today I think we will stare as usual and I’ll probably speak. But I don’t feel like becoming another prey of the Dick Bulge Bandit.

Q: Readers, I am having a problem concealing my package and really need to get a new kind of underwear. I wear boxer briefs and they are not working. What is the best type of underwear for large dicks? Or should I try to tuck my dick in a different way to hide it?


  1. OMG that looks too good, I don't think there is a need for you to hide it. I know plenty of men who wish were as well endowed as you are. Your dick looks really good lol. I don't think you need to hide the bulge but discreetly fix your package whenever you think it's getting obvious.

  2. Paco

    Yea, be proud of it, I wish I had a dick thats big. But speaking on your comment about not knowing how many guys Tayshon has messed with. I try to holla at alot of guys on hook up sites to increase my chances. But in reality, I haven't done in anything in a long time.

  3. Anonymous

    LOL. I get the impression you may have asked this question just so you'll get some big dick praise (as you certainly did). Anyway, I too am well endowed and find it more depends upon how my slacks/pants are tailored, cut and fit. Looser pants seem to hide my dick better and boxer brief tend to work well. However a tighter more snug pair of pants require a pair of form fitting briefs or even a jock.

  4. Don't worry about hiding your dick, if anything its your pants that make it harder to hide so don't wear pants that are all that slim. Secondly, thank for all those dick shot their the best 😉

  5. Jay Parker

    I have one question. Are you real? If so you will have a hard time trying to keep this tucked in. You sound like a nice and respectable guy. Just wear a longer shirt and push inside of your pants.

  6. BBB

    It really does depend on the fit of your pants. There are some days when my bulge is more noticeable and I know it’s due to the pants. I do wear boxer briefs a lot because they are so comfortable and compliment the fit of my pants well.

    I don’t have a problem with bulging and wish more guys would just let their crotch be.

  7. My dick is 8 inches and my big balls hang real low.

    Underwear were too constricting when I got hard during the day, and I wanted my dick to lay comfortably throughout the day.

    I have been going commando since Jan 2017.

    The males and the females can’t stop looking down at my crotch-you would not believe how many straight-acting men and women love sneaking looks at nice dick bulges-and my dick and balls have never felt more comfy.

    It’s a win-win situation and a total turn-on for me.

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