Tony from Atlanta

Tony from Atlanta

“Taylor” is a young man still in his mid 20s. He is a former college athlete — I think he wrestled or something. His body is softer now but you can tell it had once been well muscled.

It snowed heavily on Saturday so a few of my buddies got together at “Darren’s” for an impromptu sex party. Taylor was a friend of Darren. We were all guys in our 40s but Taylor was younger and less experienced and wanted to try group sex.

“I’m a little shy,” Taylor said. In fact he was so shy that sometimes he and Darren slipped away to the bathroom to play in private.

But that shyness would soon change thanks to “Tony.” Tony was visiting from Atlanta and got snowed in for the weekend. He is 43 years old with a tight, well- muscled gym body. His brown bubble ass is so muscled a brick would bounce off it, no lie (that’s his picture above…thanks for giving me permission to use it Tony!)

Tony, who has a dazzling, mischievous smile, has led an interesting life. He was a college athlete, has modeled nude, and was even an exotic dancer. He is now a professional with a college degree and certifications and thinking about opening his own business. But he still has a freaky side.

Darren had problems maintaining an erection and popped out of the bathroom with Taylor.

“You need some hard dick. Go get that,” Darren said pointing to my erection.

Taylor smiled and walked over to me, leaned over and starting sucking my dick. After a few minutes I put on a Magnum condom, lubed up, and let him mount me as I lay back on  the bed. My long dick slowly opened his ass, inch by inch. Then I started thrusting, harder and harder.

“Umm, that feels good,” Taylor moaned. “Damn, that’s some good dick.”

That’s all Taylor had to say. I got up and turned him around doggy-style and started pounding his plump ass. His moans only made me want to do it harder and faster.

The view inspired Darren, a tall, dark-skinned brother with a lean, beautiful body. His dick was soon standing at attention.

“Let me get some of that,” he said to me.

It was his house so I had to respect my host. So I got out the way and let Darren get into Taylor.

 All this time Tony was watching, sometimes encouraging me to fuck Taylor harder. Now he really got into the act.

“Fuck your Daddy good,” he said to Taylor as Darren mounted him. His tone was firm, like a drill sergeant ordering a recruit. “You like that good Daddy dick, don’t you?”

“Yesssss,” Taylor moaned in response.

“Tell Daddy you like that dick.”

To my surprise Tony’s words got Taylor hotter and hotter. He started pushing his hips back on Darren’s dick more enthusiastically. And he moaned louder and did everything Tony told him too.

“Tell Daddy you want his dick,” Tony ordered Taylor.

“Yeah, Daddy, I love your dick,” Taylor said to Darren, the tone of his voice reflecting a range of emotions — pain, pleasure, respect, submission. “Give me that dick Daddy.”

I think Tony put his dick in Taylor’s mouth while Darren fucked him from behind. He was now getting it at both ends.

I stood back and just watched. The daddy-son vibe was titillating but also felt taboo and a little obscene. And I felt almost like I was a bystander watching Taylor get abused sexually and vocally. But at the same time Taylor seemed to enjoy it and his excitement grew the nastier Tony talked to him.

Before long Taylor busted his semen into the bedspread. He quickly dressed and left, as if embarrassed we had seen a secret side of his sexuality.

Later Tony and I went to Denny’s to eat and he explained what happened.

“Immanuel, look baby you are good at sex. You have a good big dick and can fuck and eat ass. But you have to get inside a guy’s head when you have sex. Bring that freak out.”

“Well, Taylor seemed so standoffish at first,” I said. “I didn’t think he was feeling us.”

“That young boy came to that party because he likes mature black men,” Tony said in a matter-of-fact tone, like he was lecturing me on chemistry equations. “Otherwise, he wouldn’t have been there. That’s why he hangs around Darren. He likes that Daddy sex shit.”

I couldn’t argue with that. It also made me realize something I like about sex. When you are with a person sexually it’s like you see the real person underneath — their desires, insecurities and that certain need deep in their psyche that gets them off and fulfills them.

I have seen mild mannered guys turn dominant during sex and dominant guys in the work world bend over and take dick and whimper like a child that just got spanked. This never ceases to fascinate me.

“Oliver,” the dude I really like, texted me while Tony and I ate at Denny’s.

“Call me,” I texted.

Oliver called. “I got a friend I want you to meet. Can I come over?”

Oliver got the drift. “Sure.”

 And hour later Oliver, Tony, and I were writhing together on his basement floor, sucking each other off and eating each other’s asses. Tony knew I liked Oliver so he started talking shit, egging us on.

“Suck that nigger’s dick, Oliver. That’s your dick. And Immanuel suck your boy’s dick and eat his ass.”

“I’m going to make y’all bond with each other,” Tony said in his soft southern drawl. “Stand over me and jack that nutt onto my chest. I want y’all to mix your cum together on me.”

Freaky. Hot. Shit. Oliver and I came within minutes of each other, kissing each other and embracing while jacking hot nutt on Tony’s chest, face and mouth.

Not a half hour later later Tony got us started up again. “I still smell some cum in that dick,” he said to Oliver.

So we got Oliver to cum a second time with Tony sitting on his face and me eating and fingering his ass. Oliver is a tall, masculine dude but ass felt soft on my tongue and lips

We watched Saturday Night Live a bit. Then Oliver showed Tony the guest room and I showered. Eventually Oliver came to bed. For the first time that night it was just me and him.

We kissed goodnight and I made him lay his head on my broad chest. I  softly stroked his beard and close-shaved head. And Oliver wrapped his arms around my waist and we held each other tight.

“Are you comfortable like this,” he asked.

“Yep,” I answered.

We had had a wild freaky night and Tony had taught me something about human nature. But to be honest, the best part of the night was laying next to Oliver and falling asleep in his arms while the snow fell softly outside.


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