Stairwell Sex

Stairwell Sex

Remember “Ashton,” the down-low brother who lives just 15 minutes from me. Well, when Ashton goes coo-coo for cocoa dick he doesn’t care when and where he does it. Or if his girlfriend is at home or not.

I was on the way to the gym this evening and noticed Ashton was logged onto a gay sex hookup site. So, what better way to get a work out started than get my knob slobbered on the way there?

“Hey Ashton, what’s up?,” I texted, getting right to the point. “You want some dick?”

“Man, I’m horny, sure,” he responded.

“Is your girl home?,” I asked.

“Sure, but we can do it in the stairway of my apartment building.”

Ashton’s three-story apartment building has a back stairwell for emergencies. I met him on the groundfloor level in back. Ashton is a brown-skinned, handsome guy in his early 30s. He wore a black baseball cap to cover his balding head.

“What if somebody walks up on us,” I said, trying to whisper and not sound nervous at the same time.

“Then they can have some of this good dick too,” Ashton answered.

Then he dropped to his knees in front of me, pulled my dick out of my gym shorts, and started slobbering it. I was nervous but the feelings soon overtook me. My dick got hard as a rock. Ashton started sucking faster and faster then took it out of his mouth to look at it.

“Damn that’s a big dick. And you’re a handsome,” Ashton said. “You can come over here every day and I can suck you off right here.”

Ummm, I’ll have to think about that, I thought to myself as he licked the shaft and head of my penis like a pro. The scene was exciting but nerve wracking. I could hear dogs barking in the apartments on the other side of the emergency door. And it was still dusk so there was plenty of light. Fortunately no one walked in on us.

Ashton got bolder and bolder. I think the thought we could get caught at any time turned him on more. He stood up and pulled down his gray sweatpants and turned around. Ashton has a high, firm, plump brown ass.

“Rub your dick on my ass,” he commanded. So I did. Then he grabbed my dick with his hands and guided it. It seemed like he was trying to put it right up his ass but we didn’t have condoms. “Hey stop,” I said. “I don’t do raw.”

“I wasnt’ trying to do that,” Ashton answered. “Just keep rubbing it on my ass.”

He turned around, knelt back down and put my dick back in his mouth. Then I pulled my dick out of his mouth and masturbated until I busted that nutt. Ashton flicked his tongue up to taste my semen.

“Damn, that tastes good,” he said, sampling my cum like he was tasting fine wine.

Then he turned around and asked me to rub my dick on his ass. The semen smeared across his ass cheeks. They looked just like two glazed donuts from Krispy Kreme. As I rubbed my dick on his ass Ashton jerked his long, uncut dick furiously and soon busted a nutt.

I found a dirty napkin on the floor and pushed it with my foot to wipe up our nutt splattered on the concrete floor. Then Ashton had to run back up the stairs to the apartment. His girlfriend might miss him at any moment.

“Thanks Ashton, see you soon,” I said. Then I went to the gym and had a great workout.

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