Down-Low in Iraq

Down-Low in Iraq

It always surprises me when I go to online gay hook-up sites and see brothers in Iraq advertising for sex. The military still has the idiotic “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy. Thats why I find it surprising brothas overseas not only put out ads with photos but get hookups in the war zone.

Shit, I don’t blame them. Look, I didn’t agree with the Iraq War. But these guys are putting their lives on the line for Uncle Sam and national security. The least Uncle Sam could do is let them get their freak on once in awhile.

I hit up one of these brothers in Iraq and he agreed to be interviewed by email. “Marcus” is a handsome, dark-skinned brotha. He is only 24 years old.

Q: What branch of the service are you in?
I’m in the Army.

Q: Were you into men before you went into the military?
I’ve alway thought about it, but it wasnt until after I joined and was away from home that I acted on it.

Q: Do you see a significant number of down-low brothas in the military?
LOL. Of course there is. There are gay/bi guys everywhere you go.

Q: Are you afraid a superior officer will find out?
I’m pretty much careful not to let them find out. I don’t do or say anything that will put me out like that. When I’m on the phone with a guy when I’m around people I work with, I get discreet and they realize I can’t talk freely.

Q: How do you hookup in a war zone? Is it had to get privacy to freak?
LOL, yeah I do hook ups every now and then. When deployed overseas most people are off from work when there roommate is at work. So we just meet at the person’s room whose roommate wont be there.

Q: When you get back stateside, what type of life do you want to lead? Straight bi, or gay?
I like the best of both worlds so I would say bi.

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