Shhh! Mom’s Upstairs

Shhh! Mom’s Upstairs

It’s funny how I can get sex, even when I’m not particularly looking for it. Today was no exception.

I had a meeting to go to in a nearby town this morning and got a text message on my cell phone from a guy I met online. “Antoine” is a middle-aged, brown-skinned brother from the South with a shy, sweet disposition. I think he likes to be dominated. I fucked the hell out of him once and stood over him and busted nutt all over his body so he wanted a repeat performance.
The good thing is Antoine lives just five minutes from the meeting I have to go to. But the bad thing is his elderly mom is visiting him from from the South. And I don’t think she knows her handsome, professional son likes to get dicked down by dudes. But today Antoine is very horny (having relatives visit for extended periods can jack up anybody’s sex life) and is ready to take a risk.

“Maybe we can fuck in your garage,” I offer.

“No, I got it covered. Come on over,” Antoine says.

I drive over and don’t even have to knock — Antoine has the door cracked open. He has a blanket already laid out on his family room floor. There is lube sitting on the stone-topped coffee table. In other words he is ready to fuck and my dick is already straining against the crotch of my khaki slacks.
Antoine and I carry on a conversation in whispers.

“Where is Mom?,” I ask.

“She’s upstairs. She doesn’t come down here too often.”

“Is she up yet?,” I ask.

“No, she is still in her room.”

“Where’s the condom?,” I ask.

Antoine pulls one out of the breast pocket of his blue bathrobe. Shit, it’s not a Magnum. It only fits halfway down my dick.

There is no foreplay. Just straight to fucking because I have a meeting in 45 minutes and his Mom could start walking around the house at any time. The thought of her walking in on us with my dark, black ass up in the air and her son’s legs spread wide is hilarious and hair-raising at the same time. It just added to the charged sexual mood in the air.
My dick is so long and hard it goes into Antoine’s ass easily although he complains my dick is so big he has to get used to it. But soon I am sliding back and forth in his tight ass like a champ.
Before long I hit just right the right spot. “Oooh, that’s it. That’s it,” Antoine moans softly.

The air conditioning is running but goes off and the house turns utterly silent. I can hear water running down the drain from a sink and the toilet. So I know his moms is getting up and probably taking the headrag and rollers out of her hair as we fuck.

By this time I am fucking Antoine doggy style. He is enjoying it — his face has an expression of mixed pain and pleasure. Then we spooned and and I fucked him from behind as we lay side by side.

“Please cum on me, please,” he begs. So I pull off the condom and jack off a good, thick creamy nutt on his stomach, then run in the bathroom and wash up to go to my meeting. When I come out Antoine is looking anxiously upstairs to see if his mom is walking around on the floor above us. She isn’t. We whisper goodbye and I’m off.

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