Okay, I’ll write fast…follow the bullets

Okay, I’ll write fast…follow the bullets

Damn, I could write so much. It’s been busy since Friday. Where to start? Where to end?

Okay, so I’ll make this as short as I can and write fast. And use bullets.

  • Friday got off work and went to a sex party with buddies “Andre” and “Bertrand” but it was filled with fat, out-of-shape dudes so we jetted and went bar hopping. “Don’t leave, you’re taking the party with you,” one guy said.
  • “Sex on the Beach,” a young college student with a 10-inch dick that I met at the beach last summer, was in town and hooked up with us later that evening. Bertrand went home and “Sex on the Beach” and Andre and I started freaking at his place. I swear Andre sucked on that long black, young dick for hours. For once I was mostly on the sidelines.
  • Dawn came and we went online and pulled four more guys over and had a honest to goodness freak party.A Jamaican dude with a little dick, a light-skinned bottom, a very vocal bottom, and one other dude. I had been up almost two days was a blur.
  • After everybody busted that nutt we were hungry so the sex party moved to a diner for breakfast. The waiter was gay and I could tell he knew what was up. “Did you boys have fun last night?,” he asked. I played dumb and just smiled.
  •  Did family stuff all day Saturday and worked a part-time job that night.
  • Sunday night planned to crash but a buddy, “Darren,” called. “I got two  bottoms coming over and I need help.” So I went over to help him tag team them. One was light skinned and short and the other taller and dark. They were a little pudgy too. But they threw good sex. Darren is 6 feet 4 with a 8-inch dick and I’m 6 feet 2 with a bigger one. We took turns swapping bottoms, banging them so hard that sometimes the bed rocked. The dark-skinned one was so appreciative of my pounding he licked and sucked my toes afterward. Now that was nice.
  • Last night I reconnected with “Oliver,” the dude I was feeling. He opened the door before I could ring the bell — I could tell he missed me too. It was a sweet night, far better than the frenetic weekend. And for the first time I fucked him. It felt different, more passionate. We talked nasty shit to each other while we fucked. I can honestly say I want to do that again. “Next time, don’t fuck me so hard,” he said. I guess Oliver didn’t understand I was working out pent-up desire and frustration. I have learned to enjoy him when I can because when we are together we are connected but when apart the connection seems to fade away, kinda like a dream you had at night but can’t remember in the morning. Damn, I texted him today and he didn’t even text back. I wasn’t surprised.


  1. Anonymous

    you have to get your life in order……..stop sleeping around.. that is endless mindless sex.. that leaves you empty inside… please take all that energy and focus on a hobby, your kids or going back to school! you can advance your life so much more… i am not one to judge and dont get me wrong i am a loyal blog reader, however, this is for concern for you.. please find friends without sex, and build a relationship, and maybe one day that friend can turn into something more

  2. LOL…so this is what happens to men who deprive themselves for years of what they really want huh?? LMAO…so funny….My sexual experiences so far have only been “homo” and I'm already beginning to see it as mundane (after 3 years)….I could make it as exciting as yours if I chose but access is not (and hasn't ever been) an issue for me….Enjoy yourself, man, but remember..the above poster is right, you need to develop yourself as more than just a sex-toy (in this game). This weekend gives the impression that you are 45 going on 22. You are over that age/stage of pure careless adventure…you are going to need a bit more support one day and those clowns who you are slinging dick and ass next to wont be there for the more important things. But to each his own! Enjoy yourself

  3. Anonymous

    Yusef – you are so right! When, Men (down low) come out later in life they try to make up for their deprived sexual desires. I am 31 years old. I came out in HS,and now I have a fulfilling life. I dont just sleep around with any tom, dick or harry! Too many diseases and yes yes, you may use condoms, but condoms dont protect your from crabs, and other diseases! Also, condoms can break. Immanuel, you sound like a smart brother. Therefore, b2b.. get your life right and stop just freaking everyone that has a pulse!

  4. I appreciate the comments everybody and you're right, guys who come out do go crazy sexually because it's all new.I am also a handsome, fit top with a hard dick so it seems I am always in demand. Folks say I look 35 years old now but age will catch up with me.So eventually this will come to an end.

    My life is actually quite full apart from sex. Believe it or not I'm active in church, volunteer with the homeless, write freelance articles, work a full-time job and a part-time job. I go to the gym three or four nights a week.I am also a father and am very active in my kids' lives…I live less than a mile from them.

    My life feels fulfilled. When I was married I was a good husband while it lasted and I continue to make sure things are okay financially at home. I have had a successful career – I have traveled to Switzerland and Paris and Canada and Germany doing what I love.I've met everyone from gang bangers to President Clinton. Life has been good.

    I have made a few friends in this who have been guiding lights and supportive through my ups and downs.Have you read about my buddy Andre and Rex? They are my go-to guys.There are others but I don't write about them because it would probably bore you.

    The sex is not as mindless as you think. I genuinely enjoy having sex. I don't even have to cum, I love giving pleasure so much.

    Does Oliver control me? As much as I let him. I have learned to enjoy him when we are together and hang out and have a life when I am not.Just the fact I could attached to someone again and feel such emotions of desire is great thing. I told him even if we don't remain friends the feelings I felt will last a lifetime — I will always have that memory until senility robs it from me. I never dug a dude like that before but I am also a grown man that won't be taken for granted..

    Something that I don't write about is that I have gone on three non-sex dates in the past week or so. I'm really getting to enjoy guys on a friendship level.

    What do I want to do in the future? Eventually buy a small place of my own and have a spot where my kids can visit me when they find time in their lives for an old man. I t would nice to have a relationship but it's not prerequisite. I enjoy myself so I don't get lonesome. Plus I have alot of friends gay and straight.

    In the immediate future I want to learn
    Spanish and maybe convert this blog into a book! We will see.

    Take care and keep reading!

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