My First Trip to a Gay Bar

My First Trip to a Gay Bar

Okay, so if I’m going to shift to a gay lifestyle I guess I have to immerse myself in the culture.

So a few weeks ago I am attending an evening function and get a call from my buddy “Andre.” He was a few miles away at a popular gay bar in our metropolitan area.

“Why don’t you drop by on the way home?,” Andre asked. “What the hell? You need to get out and get a drink.”

Andre knows about my home situation and that I need to get out and escape some of the drama that I created. So I take him up on the offer.

The gay bar looks like any other bar. Dark wood, strong drinks, loud music and even louder people. There are even few women there…unless you count a handful of lesbians and some barely passable transvestites.

I don’t feel nervous at all. Shit, I’ve been sexing gay men for months now. Can’t I have drink with them too?

I find Andre at an upstairs bar with his buddy “Melvin.” They are tag team partners, looking for sex. And they have found their marks — two younger gay guys. One is handsome but plump and the other is handsome and sports thug gear, although he seems a little to old to be wearing it. Andre and Melvin have their hands all over them, squeezing and caressing them.

I get a drink and watch them, amused. This is just like a straight bar. The same dynamics of hunt and being hunted. The flirting. The banter.

I look around the bar and some guys are staring at me. I am fresh meat, I guess. I just stare over their heads at the flat screens and soon they stop staring. I just want to chill and hang with friends.

I notice two dudes I have seen online. One of them I know is HIV positive but doesn’t tell folks that online. I turn to Melvin and mention it to him and gesture toward the guy, who is very tall and thin and light-skinned.

“Shit, you have to assume everybody is positive,” Melvin said before taking another swig of his drink and turning back to the young guy he planned to fuck later that evening. He is right. I can’t argue.

But Melvin is like an octopus. Soon he is touching and feeling on me. He is cool but all the touchy-feeliness in public makes me uncomfortable. I get up and walk around to escape. But the night is soon over anyway. Andre returns from the bathroom and says he is ready to go. The four of them leave for a night of sex and I go home.


  1. Anonymous

    I'm so happy to know that you're venturing out with your 'new' identity. Bars/clubs (regardless of clientele) are not for everyone. In most cases they are meat markets.

    btw: nice to see you back. I was worried. 🙂


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