I Had Sex With an (Illegal) Alien

I Had Sex With an (Illegal) Alien

“Miguel” has been hitting me up for weeks since I set up a new account on Adam4Adam a few months ago (yes, I went back online but I use it much more wisely.)

Miguel is a Nicaraguan man of African and Indian descent. I was leery about connecting with him because he was foreign but on Friday night I needed release. So I invited him over. Miguel was eager — he took the bus and the subway to get to me.

“I don’t know much English,” he texted before he came.

“Hey, then how were you emailing me online?”

“I use the Spanish to English translation on the Internet and just cut and paste,” he texted back.

Wow, was all I could think. That was clever. But it also explained why his convo sounded so robotic and some words were not in order.

Miguel showed up at my door at about 10 p.m. He quickly stripped, showing off a red thong that cupped and showed off his brown ass cheeks. He had a big grin on his face and a thick, uncut dick that soon grew hard. I swear it looked like a ripe banana.

We played for hours, sucking, fucking, grinding. That shit they say about Latin lovers is true. Brother man was on point. The fact we couldn’t speak each other’s language very well helped. We had to communicate more physically and not through word of mouth.

Miguel’s story: He is 39 years old and has a wife back home in Nicaragua. He pulled out his laptop and showed me a photo of  the Mrs. She was stunning — she reminded me of actress Salli Richardson-Whitfield. They had tried to have kids for more than a decade but were not successful.

Miguel had come to the United States on a tourist visa but stayed after it expired and gotten an under-the-table job. “Damn,” I thought. “I just had sex with an illegal alien! Is that non-patriotic? Should I report him to INS?”

“I am bee-sexual,” Miguel said haltingly. “My country very con-, con-, what is word in English?”

“Do you mean conservative?”

“Yes. Catolicos (very Catholic)” he said, breaking into a big grin because I understood him. “My family no know bout me.”

Miguel slept with me that night and I drove him home the next day. He let me take these pics in the morning light:


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