Young Boy

Young Boy

I met young boy about two months ago on a gay sex hookup Web site. He is in his mid to late 20s. I was really not interested in him at first – too young. But he was persistent. So on a day when I had some time I agreed to come by and fuck him.

He claims he is in dental school and living with relatives in their basement. So I couldn’t knock on the front door. I had to call him, meet him outside and walk around back and come in through the patio door.

He was not bad looking but not good looking either. Pointy chin and long pointy nose – like a fox. A brown-skinned, short brother with six-pack abs. He said he had just got back from a morning run in the rain. He still had on his sweat clothes. I had on workout clothes too – black sneakers, black Nike nylon pants and a gray Nike hoodie.

“Damn that’s good,” he said. “Gym clothes turn me on.”

We started sexing on the basement floor but we had to be quiet. And elderly uncle lived upstairs. I stand six feet two and he was a foot shorter. I was afraid my dick would hurt him. So I ate his ass and ate his ass and caressed him and kissed him, warming him up. Then we pulled out the lube and I tried to insert my dick but he was sooo tight. So I stopped and got back to foreplay, working him and working him, licking and sucking that asshole.

Finally, his ass opened to me and the fucking commenced. Doggy style, then with me laying down on the floor with him straddling me, pumping his tight, lithe body up and down on my dick. My dick would only go about halfway in. I looked up at his face to see how he was handling it. He looked like he was in pain but he didn’t stop fucking.

I finally pulled my dick out, slid off the Magnum and squirted cum on his body. I can’t remember if he busted or not.

What I do remember is that young boy got attached to me too fast. We sat in my car and talked for a good while after sex. He seemed nice but I was already getting glutted with sex and didn’t want another 40-minute lover. Still, in the days ahead he would text me asking me when I wanted to fuck him again. And I did, taking another big-dicked top buddy who jacked off while watching me work young boy.

Young boy wanted an exclusive relationship with me and warned me there was disease out there. He claimed he was not “out there” that much and rarely had sex.

“I volunteer in an HIV/AIDS clinic,” he said. “You would be surprised how many guys I recognize from online coming in there with HIV and gonorrhea and all sorts of shit.”

“Oh, really?,” I said. “Why don’t you name some names so I can avoid them.”

“Naw, I ain’t saying,” he answered. “Why don’t you just roll with me then and be careful.”

So imagine my surprise yesterday when I was surfing the Web and find out he has acted in gay porn. The preview clips showed him getting fucked by a dark-skinned top. In the last clip the top shoots a white, gooey load of semen in young boy’s face.

“Give me that cum,” I think young boy said to the top. His eyes had that same look they had with me. Kind of darty and shifty.

“Damn,” I laughed. “Homeboy is a porn actor.”

I text him to let him know I know. Today, he sends this explanation: “I did that one time when I was 18…that was like 10 years ago.”

Funny, looks like he shot that shit a few months ago. Or maybe he is Dorian Gray and never ages.

I could put a link to the video clips on this blog but I’m not. He is a cool kid who has had a lot of tragedy in his life (if the stories he tells are true) and I’m not putting him out like that.

But this is just another example that lies and deceit are rife in the gay and down-low world. Nothing surprises me anymore.


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