Immanuel Comes Out of the Closet — At Least On Radio

Immanuel Comes Out of the Closet — At Least On Radio

Wednesday evening I appeared on Blog Talk Radio to discuss what it’s like to be a down-low Black male and how the subculture operates. Host James Hipps asked me some tough questions about the inherent conflicts and dishonesty that comes with being down-low but I rolled with the punches. I just tried to be as honest as possible.

We also talked about how the African American culture perceives gay, bisexual and down-low men. I admitted Black folks have a long way to go. But I also made a point of telling James there are a lot of down-low white men as well. Remember former New Jersey Gov. James McGreevey who quit his job, came out the closet, and divorced his wife?

I also expressed hopes that Black folks and American culture in general will become more accepting of the many variations in human sexuality. America has already dealt with racism and sexism and is still working on those issues. But I think its one of the last social barriers we have to deal with is sexuality.

To listen to the program go to

James was impressed with my blog and promised to help it get more exposure. His only criticism is that he wished the blog was more topical and less about my erotic adventures. James also hinted that my stories might be fantasy. Believe me dude, they are all true.

James wants me to appear on a future program and invited me to his company’s headquarters if I ever came to South Florida. Thanks for invite!


  1. Jmz

    Im reaching out b/c I’m going through a tough time. I came to terms with the fact that I’m gay, however I feel so alone. It sucks honestly, I fell in love and can’t let go of that fact that it’s over. Emotions on overload!!

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