A Fun Weekend (Hanging with the Homeboys)

A Fun Weekend (Hanging with the Homeboys)

“Why are you trying to have a relationship now,” my buddy “Andre” says.

“You just separated from your wife. You’re new in this lifestyle. You don’t even know what you want.”
I have to admit Andre is right — as usual. The friendship with “Oliver” is getting tiresome  — I’m not feeling that shit. Dude is too into himself but then it’s my fault also because I rushed the shit. So last weekend I decided to go out and explore and have fun…and some great sex. And I accomplished my mission.
Here’s the run-down:
Friday, 5:30 p.m.:
I took the kids and their friends out for a pizza party at local restaurant. I knew the weekend was going to get off to a great start because an old college buddy and his wife and kids happened to be at the same restaurant. The conversation was great and I’m really enjoying my children more. They are teenagers now and trying to act soooo cool. They think they are reinventing the wheel. They don’t realize yet that what they are going through adults have been through too. I smile at them from across the table, marveling at how beautiful they are to me. I am blessed.
Friday, 9 p.m.:
It’s freezing outside and I’m back in my bed at the apartment I share with a straight roommate, fully intending to sleep in and relax. But I go online and get invited to a threesome in a town a 40-minute drive to the north. I had already jacked off to relax and told “Ben” that.
“Hey man, I got a hot bottom,” Ben says. “If you’re not feeling it just come up and chill.”
What the hell? I’m free now. I wash up and hop in the car.
Friday 10:30:
Ben lives in a nice colonial home way out in the sticks in a community with no sidewalks. I get there and find out the bottom guy we were going to bang out cancelled. So here we are, two mainly tops, sitting there looking at each other.
Ben is 45 years old, dark-brown skin, slightly overweight but still nice looking. We both have long, thick-ass dicks.

It seems he doesn’t want to have sex, but just company. We sit back and drink mimosas made from left-over New Year’s champagne and orange juice, and watch “Marley and Me” on television and lay together on the sofa, his head at one end and my head at the other and our legs tangled together. He has a roaring fire going.

It turns out we have a lot in common. He just separated from his wife. He claims it wasn’t because he liked dudes but because she was trifling, didn’t clean house, and was into hanging out with her girlfriends and spending his money.
I think to myself: “Yeah, right…I bet she found out you like dude dick and ass.”
He says he is happy but I can tell he is lonesome. He has the television going, the stereo and a radio in the upstairs hallway – anything to break the silence of the big empty house. He has a three-year old daughter and her toys are packed neatly in a corner of the family room, waiting for her next visit.
“I’m happier now,” Ben says. But I wonder. I can tell he misses his little girl.

Eventually, we start sexing. You see, he kept plying me with mimosas because he wanted to get me drunk and flip me and put his dick in my ass.

“You have a small ass but it’s pretty and tight,” he says.

I’ve tried bottoming a few times (curiosity killed the cat) but the shit is not for me. I just wont let the dick go in more than an inch. I’d much rather be on top, banging an ass out.

But he’s a cool dude so I try but its not working and I don’t try to make it work. Then he admits he likes to take dick so I try to fuck him but his hole is too tight too. So we give up. He jacks off while sitting astride me, grinding his ass into my dick.
His cum splatters over my chest and stomach. I wipe it off. The fire dies down and we go to sleep in a pallet of blankets in front of the fireplace.

Saturday, 6:30 a.m.:
I get up and bid Ben goodbye. We exchange numbers and end up texting throughout the weekend. I think we will be friends, if only on a platonic level.
I have a busy day ahead. I run home and shower, do my banking, and pick up the kids and some of their friends to take them to a local black history museum.
It is a Saturday so I don’t pay the meter. The guard on duty advises me to do so because the city tickets even on Saturdays. So I run to a local bar and get change, feed the meter and run back to the museum.

The exhibit is very informative but so small the kids have run through it by the time I get back. So they play hide-and-seek with me, hiding behind the displays, while I read stuff that interests me.

Their giggles and laughter echo through the space.

Saturday, 4:30 p.m.:

I drop off the kids after lunch and go back to my spot and my phone rings. It is “Aaron,” this brother I met at a sex party last summer. Aaron grew up in Seattle and has a cool, laid back West Coast style. Mellow.

And he has the sexy voice of Barry White.

“Come over and watch football with me,” he says. “I’ll buy the beer. What do you want?”

“Corona man,” I answer.

I go over and we watch the first half. Aaron showers and comes back and lays on the bed.

We are both 45 but stay in shape and look youthful for our years. He has a boyfriend but we get together on the sly. We lay on his bed and play sometimes — no fucking, just good, intense foreplay. We don’t even have to cum it’s so good.

 Aaron has Creole in his blood and has skin the color of coffee and milk.

“I usually don’t like red niggers but I like you,” I quip.

He cracks up

I love to eat his ass — it is hairy and I lick and lap at his ass and nibble and tug at the hair lightly with my teeth, making him moan.  Aaron sometimes lays back and smokes a blunt to get his head right and inhales rush to heighten his sexual pleasure.

Soon he is returning the favor, licking and sucking my dick and nibbling my nipples.

But my phone rings. I have a movie date with  my buddy “Linton.” He is a nice dude and our conversations are always thought-provoking so I’m not going to break it. Besides Aaron has to go to party at the home of the guy who supplies his weed. I know he doesn’t want to miss getting high for free on Saturday night.

“He is straight and I know he will have girls there,” Aaron tells me while he picks out a Dallas jersey to wear to the party, which will take place during the Dallas-Philadelphia football game. “I hope he doesn’t try to hook me up.”

Aaron is very masculine and used to fuck women. I could see a girl wanting to have that red nigga’s baby.

Saturday, 9 p.m.:

I meet “Linton” downtown and we buy movie tickets and run across the street to catch part of the football game before the film, a romantic comedy, starts.

My mood darkens. Dallas is beating Philly’s ass. I hate Dallas and all Dallas fans.

We go to the movie. It’s actually pretty good although it’s not my taste — it’s more of a chick flick. But Linton is great company, handsome, and keeps the conversation flowing.

But before the movie starts I get a little quiet and stare down at my lap, which is unusual because I’m known for being the life of the party.

“You’re thinking about Oliver,” Linton says.

No I wasn’t thinking about Oliver. I was texting Oliver.

 A friend of his had flown in from out of town and was staying with him, a fact he forgot to tell me during a week of provocative, sensual texts. He said they used to hook up but weren’t doing that any more. I think to myself: This flat ass, lanky motherfucker really must really think I’m stupid.

“Why don’t you come and freak with us. I’m not feeling him but I will have sex if you come,” Oliver texts.

“I made other plans for the evening. Have fun with your boy.”

“Oh, he is not my boy. We will just chill now,” Oliver answers. I think: “they will just find another top to fuck them both.”

I drop Linton off after the movie and then go my buddy “rex” a few blocks away because it’s late and I don’t feel like driving all the way home. rex and I chill out in his bed and watch a “Will and Grace” episode on DVD. There is a character in an episode that rex said acted just like a dude we threesomed with once, this professional dancer.

Sure enough, the “Will and Grace” character acted the same way — he is a dancer who dances when it’s not appropriate. Like when he is walking down the street.

rex and I fucked this dude so good he started doing dance moves for us after I busted a  nutt in his face– pirouettes or plies or some shit. The resemblance was uncanny and rex and I burst out laughing remembering.

Sunday, 7:30 a.m.

I promise to take the kids to church and I do. The sermon is good, about how God protects his people so don’t worry. I compliment the minister on his performance afterward. Then I take my kids to the barbership.

One of the barbers is a lesbian and mad cool. She is like one of the dudes, down to her curly, close cut fade.

We talk about Tiger Woods and basketball player Gilbert Arenas and his guns in the locker room.

“Dumb ass, making all that money and don’t know how to act,” lesbian says. “They should have suspended his ass.”

I can’t agree more.

Sunday, 1 p.m.: 

Okay, you think Sunday I would rest.

 But no sooner than I got home and lay down for a Sunday afternoon nap than “Graham” hits me up online. Graham has done porno acting. The guy throws good ass. He is small and tight and you can bend and pull and push and lick him any way you want. He gives good sex right back at you — he is vigorous and vocal.

So you know I was going to tap that.

“See you in a half hour,” I tell Graham.

On the way there I call Oliver just to talk shit. The conversation is short. In fact he has to hang up and call me from another phone in the house.

“I’ll phone you after this Sunday shit,” he says. Which I translate to mean: After I finish hanging with my out-of-town buddy and get him out I will honor you with the pleasure of my company.

I smile to myself. I don’t have the heart to tell him I’m having much more fun without him.

“It’s not crucial you call me back,” I say and I really mean it. “I’m cool.”

I go over to Graham and fuck the shit out of him. It’s hot. We do it doggy style, missionary style. Him face down on the bed with his ass plumped up in the air with pillows under his stomach. After fucking I lay back on the bed and jack off for him. The cum shoots up like a water fountain, landing on my inner thigh.

After its over: “Graham is it really true you did pornos?”

“Yep, I really did one and some photos for magazines. They flew me up to Canada to have sex with a straight porn actor. He was fine as hell — he was mixed with Egyptian or some shit. But I had to do all the work because he was straight so the sex was awful. But I made $5,000.”

“Later actor wanted me to have sex with him again on film but I was like, ‘No thank you.'”

“Wow,” is about all I can say. Five thousand for sex. And I’ve been doing it all along for free.

Sunday 4 p.m.:

There is a new sex club on the way in town that is half priced before 5 p.m. so I go in to chill. They have the football game playing in the video room so I catch that too.

It’s mostly empty but a black dude with dreads comes in. Before long we get to playing and pull off our clothes. I’m surprised — he is muscular as shit under the baggy clothes. And I turn him on because we keep meeting back up and playing again and again.

We end our play time standing next to each other, tongue kissing and caressing each other’s hard bodies, while two bottom guys are kneeling in front of us sucking our dicks.

“Suck that nigger’s pretty long black dick,” he orders the guy sucking me.

“Suck that motherfucker’s dick,” I say to the guy sucking him off. “You know that shit tastes good.”

All the mutual aggression and swagger gets us off and we get ready to cum.

“Oooh, I’m coming. Suck that nutt out,” Dreadlocks says to his bottom. The he shot his semen right in the guys mouth and dude slurps it up like fine wine. A minute later I jack off and bust not one but two nutts.

I get weak at the knees.

Hot. Hot. Hot.

Sunday, 7 p.m.:

I drop by Andre’s house on the way out of town. I am hungry from all that sex so I get some Popeye’s chicken to eat while we talk. Andre is pissed at me…he had invited me to a marathon dance party but I went to the movies with Linton instead.

 “You stood me up for some ass,” Andre grumbles. He is so handsome and funny laying in his bathrobe on the sofa I can’t help but laugh. He was the one who told me to go out and explore this weekend and I did.

Besides, I know he will be mad at me a moment but we are buddies and will make up by Monday.

“Andre I had a great weekend. I really had a lot of fun hanging out with friends.”

And I did.



  1. @sc8709: Okay, I don't really HATE Dallas and the fans, they just get on my nerves LOL. Good luck in the playoffs!!

    And you noticed my buddy “Aaron” is a Dallas fan. I don't tease him about it. He wore his jersey to the marijuana party because the host is an Eagles fan and planned to wear his jersey.

    Aaron said the host was so pissed by the game he took off his jersey by half time.

    @anonymous: Dude I have a high sex drive I guess. This weekend was so invigorating I went to work in high gear Monday. My coworkers were like: Wow you must have had a good time this weekend because it carried over.

    If only they knew…

  2. I awoke early this morning and out of sheer boredom decided to catch up on your blog. I went to the beginning and now a few hours later… I am honestly in love with the candid and fresh delivery. I most add that these stories of your sexual prowess intrigue me to a point where I want to know you or someone like you lol. I also am secretly aroused and will definitely have to pleasure self bt do keep it coming sir.

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