Ex down Low Brother


  1. CLK

    I am so glad that I found your blog. I was an avid reader of the former blog and was heartbroken when it disappeared. So glad that Black is Bootyful mentioned you on his blog!

    1. CLK: Glad you found me and thanks Bootylicious! My blog was formerly hosted on Blogspot, which kept erasing it. I backed up most of it and moved it to WordPress and relaunched it. I hope you enjoy catching up with me.

  2. Alex Weber Tomassone

    I have a lot of question and only few answers that I found, I guess to late, on Internet. However, I still need to know more about what I was involved with and in my 55 I feel ashamed because was supposed I had to know. I hope I could find what I need to fell me a little bit better.

  3. Erik90

    Hey Immanuel just want to say I love reading your blog been visiting your blog for close to year now. One blog that i enjoyed reading was do you know if he moved his blog somewhere else or did he just stopped blogging? I enjoyed reading his experiences just like I love reading yours.

    1. Thanks for complimenting my blog. Glad you enjoyed it. I enjoyed I haven’t heard from him in awhile. His last entry was a year ago. That’s the way blogging goes…you have to make it a habit or you can look up and not do an entry in awhile. He may have a contact email on his blog. You should hit him up and ask him to come back.

  4. Siir Devon

    Love the blog. It has an interesting, but appreciated, perspective on the queer life. I’m moving to the area soon (a month or so) and would love to check out a social, mixer or party. I’ll be new to the city, so I welcome fun and friends. Much love.

  5. John

    I been here like two years now and I love these blogs. I usually wait a whole month so I can binge read. I would definitely like to have a conversation with you and not about meeting and having sex but some of my personal experiences in the same Area you in.

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